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20+ Tips to Increase Followers on Instagram, Get More and Real Followers in Few Steps

What first thing comes to your mind when you think about social media? It’s nothing but Instagram!!, later Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat WhatsApp, etc. We love to share photos, videos, reel stories, and many more on Instagram.

The average time spent on social media is 50% on Instagram itself. Nowadays it is one of the most used social media network platforms with more than 2.2 million active users globally.

From sharing photos and videos to launching your business, tips, and educational material, Instagram is going to become the eCommerce platform for many people. People started making their products or ideas appearances on Instagram by making pages and business accounts.

Now businesses need customers, in social media language followers. As you increase your followers your online business will be more visible.

This article will help you with tips and tricks on how to get more followers on Instagram and convert them into customers.

There are many strategies and tips to get maximum followers but you need a targeted and return audience to follow you, so this article is for you.

1. Make a calendar and plan your ideas.

The very first step is to make a plan for your content, that is what you really have to post on Instagram, you can not post anything or anytime to increase your followers.

Find the best occasions, seasons, weekends, festivals, etc. collect the data related to your brand or page, to post. Brainstorm from where you are getting your traffic goal and sale ratio.

Making a calendar is not for publishing on a specific date or time but it is for you should not skip the time to post.

It is always better to have the next plan and ready content to publish further. You can post many times in a week or days if you have such an idea and content ready.

So make a proper Instagram content plan before publishing.

2. Quality content is the key.

Want more followers? Then patients spend more time making high-quality videos and HD Images.

As simple that any business account needs high-quality content like HD Images, Visuals, videos, and many quality things so that users get a clear idea about the product.

You can not use blurry or unfinished pictures for your business account, instagram is the visual platform after all!

That doesn’t mean you need picture-perfect or high-resolution videos but they should be well-edited and clear.

Low quality content always pulls you one step back.

3. Well-composed, well edited Videos and photos.

People should love to see the next image and another video from your account. Use different filters, and photo editing apps, and make your pictures ready to publish.

Instagram also provides many editing options while publishing your photos or videos try them all. Make your content attractive but keep sticking to your business.

Your content should be as specific and composed so that user should understand it and can get clear about their doubt. that is your photos or videos should give a details idea of the product.

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4. Analysis and Research.

Instagram business accounts are free for all so make proper use of them. Instagram analytics gives you every detail about your visitor’s flow.

You can track the location, gender, and age of your customers. You can get the top pages, conversions, and timing of people visiting your account.

According to that, you can post your photos and videos on your account.

All these things can help you do personal research on your customers.

5. Tag People and pages

Explore beyond the connections and followers on Instagram. Tag people and other brands while posting for your feed. This will help you to make your appearance on other people’s pages.

For example, if you have a clothing brand business, you can capture a screenshot of your customer review chat publish it on your account, and tag that customer. Then it will be popular in their field also.

Your customer’s followers will be able to see your brand and this way your traffic can get a boost.

Similarly, if you tag similar brands like you it will become a circle and you can get more visitors and followers on your account.

6. Add branded hashtags and CTAs to your Instagram bio

Insta bio speaks more about your brands and business. So add proper hashtags like a call to action (CTA), website link, location, etc.

Nowadays people are more concerned about your brand and identity, special when they are buying or shopping for something online.

Be specific in your Instagram bio, and put only needed information, if you have a website then it will be more beneficial for you and your account may look more trusted.

Please avoid overcrowded or spammy bio, it will hamper your followers count.

Insta bio should be simple and easy to understand for the followers who you are and what you are.

Keep your bio section always updated.

7. Try to cover some questions and CTA in your posts

Find different ways to keep the viewer on your post. Add some questions to your post and include some calls to action so that people will engage.

CTA can be anything like

  • learn more about- link in bio
  • double tap if you want more posts like this
  • follow us for more updates
  • Comment for order
  • See translation

Show your concern about your customers and followers, and add some points about flexible delivery and refunds.

8. Add your link to your website and emails to your Instagram

Linking is the most important for any online business, like inviting people and making followers is important.

Link your Instagram business account to your websites, personal accounts, emails, and other social media platforms you use.

Adding your website to your account will be more beneficial, existing users can directly jump from your website to your Instagram.

Add more plugins to your website so that whatever you post on your Instagram account can get added to your website.

These are quite technical terms but nowadays customer is more curious about your brand and are of growth.

9. Distribute your Instagram content to other Social media platforms

Cross-post your Instagram post to different social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Snapchat, etc., and add your Instagram account address to it.

Many people may follow you on other platforms and they me be unaware of your business account on Instagram.

There are many options you can manually distribute your post to other platforms, or you can make it automatically.

10. Run campaign and contest for brand reach

There are many factors to increase Instagram followers one of them is Instagram contests and campaigns.

When you realize that you have a certain amount of followers when we start any outdoor game we need a few players initially so that we can at least start the game.

Similarly when you get several followers to play the campaign and contest open your mystery box.

Ask users to like, share, and follow your Instagram page, and use some hashtags to tag your existing followers and friends.

Approach your user to tag more people from their follower list and it will help to boost your Instagram followers.

This is the easiest way to increase your brand awareness and increase more Instagram business followers.

11. Competitors analysis

Competitors analysis is the best way to increase Instagram followers, do it properly, find your competitors, and follow them all so that you will know when they post, how they manage their calendars, and what strategy they use.

Do research what hashtags they are using, which posts have the most likes and comments, how they deal with their followers and customers, etc.

Try to find which posts are doing well, and how they tag people and there are many things you can analyze your competitor.

This technique will help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

12. Follow, like, and comment on other posts

Your appearance is the most important factor, you should be visible to people in many ways.

Follow back the people who follow you, make more connections, and send follow requests to the people.

Following your competitors will help you to make your own brand most trustworthy.

Comment on your follower’s posts, like their post, and sometimes wish them a birthday or anniversary.

Check your hashtags frequently. By clicking your own hashtags you will come to know that what people are tagging, and what’s new and trending.

The simpler this the more you engage the more you will be visible in others’ feeds and it is most important.

People should notice you and be convinced to follow you.

These actions will show that you are an authentic brand that believes in reciprocity.

Similarly, there are many tips if you can follow them your Instagram followers will increase. There is no single idea or a single way, you have to follow as many ways to get followers. Business is business whether you are running it online or offline. In the end, you should be in buzz, surrounded by customers and clients and followers, and so on.

There are some more tips you must follow to increase followers on Instagram or any online business.

  1. Convey your message in fewer words, and don’t overload your post with much text
  2. Use proper and clear images while posting. Avoid watermarks and logos on your image
  3. Use correct hashtags, and find trending and hot buzz in the filed
  4. Add location or geotags for a local audience
  5. Keep your bio simple, add limited links and tags
  6. Tag Products In Images & Videos To Drive Conversions
  7. Create hashtags for your brand to cover events and festivals
  8. Repost when you get tagged write positive words and reviews
  9. Stay tuned with the audience, and use Instagram ads it will keep you visible when you are not posting anything
  10. Last but so much important get your Instagram account verified.

To be considered your account must be

  • Authentic (you must prove that you are the brand or business you are claiming)
  • Unique (No multiple accounts with the same name or brand)
  • Account must be public
  • Proper and complete account information (bio, profile, and posts)
  • Notable

In the last

These tips will help you to get more followers on Instagram instantly. Follow all the tips you will see the boom in less time.

use all the advantages given by Instagram properly such as analytics, hashtags, and CTAs. You can be the thousands of followers account on Instagram.

Follow all the tips as a guide and launch your new business on a new platform, Instagram.






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